2019: Fela Durotoye Is Running For A New Nigeria That Works For Everyone

Motivational Speaker and Consultant, Fela Durotoye has in an event held on Sunday finally declared his intention for public office in 2019, a movement he tags ‘Running For A New Nigeria’.

Fela, who is known for a track record of many successes and raising influential leaders seems to have won the hearts of a sect of educated Nigerian youths on his intentions for Nigeria and has through campus partnerships mobilized the #TeamFD movement.

The movement of #TeamFD did not begin just yesterday or by an agenda to run for public office, as the Founder of GEMStones had previously revealed a prophesy for Nigeria come 2025, saying Nigeria will become the most desirable nation to live in come 2025.

#TeamFD now activated in 30 STATES across Nigeria going deep into every sector, every city & every village all with ONE GOAL to deliver a NEW NIGERIA that works for EVERYONE. WE are committed and WE are #RunningForANewNigeria, he revealed via his Instagram page.

In a statement he made, Fela reveals his belief for a risen generation that will fix the nation’s problems.

“Come 2019, I will not be running for office. “We” will be running for a New Nigeria.
I believe that the people who will move this nation forward are those that understand that these challenges that we face are not his problem, Her problem or their problem but “Our” problem. I believe that we are the generation that will fix these problems,” he said.

FD, as he is fondly called, is not only motivated to run for a new Nigeria, but also seeks to educate electorates as well as ensure they take active responsibilities in building the nation of their dreams.

He said, “In the 2019 Elections, we will educate the electorate, because it is important that the people understand the dynamics of the elections, and will choose Good Governance over their personal pockets.

“We will explain to them that many people will try to give them a slice of Bread to collect their Bakery”, he added.

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