5 Things Successful People Don’t Do

There are so many books on what successful people do but today I want to talk about what success people DON’T DO, writes Wale Aladejana on his Instagram page.

1. They don’t care about public opinion: The richest people in the world are about 4000 or more and we have over 7 billion people in the world. If these 4000 people were selling an idea, at least one billion people would tell them it was impossible. Anyone doing something extraordinary must have been told that they were insane many times. Stop listening to what people have to say, follow the voice of the Holy Spirit and your heart.

2. They don’t give up: Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit. If you saw that dream in your mind, don’t quit, find a way to make it work! There will be challenges but make up your mind that you will never bow before challenges they will bow before you.

3. They don’t waste their time: 24 hours is not enough when God begins to bless you and for successful people every minute counts, if they give you an audience go straight to the point and keep it short or they may never give you an appointment again. Spend your time productively, read a book or learn a skill. If you spend time on social media make sure it’s bringing money to your bank account!

4. They don’t forget favours: You are a fool if you forget people who have been good to you, some people are impossible because they see their help as a debt you can never stop paying but those are not the people I am talking about. If someone has helped you, find a way of rewarding them. Whatever you are grateful for will increase.

5. They don’t do it for the money: money is a motivation but money is not enough. Successful people just love what they do. Never do a business or job because of money you will soon be frustrated. Love is the biggest motivating factor of successful people. Even the bible tells us in John 3:16 that God so LOVED the world that He gave His Son. Love is the foundation for success.

There are many more but we will stop here. I pray these helps you develop values that will bring you success in Jesus name.

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