5 Things You Can Do To Become Financially Free In 2018

As global economic news reveals an increase in instability, it becomes more essential that we increase our capacity to manage and multiply finances. In 2018, things could get tougher for salary earners who have refused to increase in financial intelligence.

As the year begins this week, you have a good opportunity to learn certain keys that can help you plan skilfully and gain a better financial stand in the year. Give attention to the following strategies;


A budget is a financial plan clearly stating your financial commitments and how your expected income will be shared to meet stipulated needs.

  • Expected Income: A budget is done before the money arrives.
  • Financial Commitments: Allocate percentages of your expected income for stipulated needs.

A budget helps you ensure you stay committed to your financial needs (necessities), while trimming out your financial wants. Remember however that, a budget is very effective without a determination to be disciplined.



If you cannot live within a low income that you earn, you will likewise find it impossible to live within a “large” income when you begin to earn it. Ensure you;

  • Stop buying what you do not need.
  • Stop living to impress people, no matter how close.
  • Learn how to kill your appetite.

Financial Freedom is not a function of what you earn, but your capacity to multiply your earnings.



Yes, it could be difficult to save money. But certain strategies make savings possible;

  • Use a Thrifts company for savings
  • Join a small group that contribute money monthly. This way, you are sure to save up a large sum you will collect from everyone in the group at an agreed date.
  • Use Contingency Accounts: bank accounts you open for specific purposes. Open an acoount for savings, another for family expenses, etc.
  • Stop consuming all that you earn.
  • Every income you earn (no matter how much), has three parts:
  1. God Part: Tithes, Offerings, Welfare to the needy, etc.
  2. Bread Part: The part of the income you spend to meet your needs. These include; personal needs, education, family expenses, etc.
  3. Seed Part: The part you need to set apart in order to multiply cash. These include; savings, investments, partnerships, etc.

NOTE: Savings cannot make you rich!!! You save money for the purpose of reinvestment.



“You need at least 5 channels of income in order to be financially free in Nigeria” Albert Aina

  • God did not fashion us for monthly income. It is entrepreneurship that opens you up to daily income (Daily Bread). My Father Inlaw (an Igbo man), once told me: “Government job puts food on your table, but Business makes you rich”

Common Pathways to Entrepreneurship

  1. Produce, Market and/or Sell a product(s)
  2. Offer a Service
  3. Partnership

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Learn how to make other people’s money and effort work for you. Leverage on legal and high yielding investment schemes that demand little effort from you.

Some of these schemes include:

  1. Selected high yielding multilevel marketing scheme
  2. Cryptocurrency: bitcoin, etc.
  3. Investment clubs
  4. Group contributions, etc.

NOTE: when considering Investment Schemes, you need good financial advice in order to recognize genuine schemes and proper investment timing.


Deji David Olanrewaju is a Business and Leadership Coach. He offers Business and Financial advice to start-up businesses and those willing to improve their investments. Contact him: +2347038002888, contactupright@yahoo.com


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