7 Facts You Should Know Before Wishing Someone Merry Christmas

There are so many seasonal celebrations we embrace without really knowing something amazing about them and Christmas is one of them. Maybe  you just know Christmas to be a time when everyone is on a holiday, the house is full and there is plenty of chicken to go round.


Heeeeey! The celebration of Christmas comes at a special time -December 25 – when we recount the occurences that led to the saving of humanity through God’s son -Jesus Christ. It goes way beyond the story of Birth, to the reason for His birth. That is why people say, Jesus is the reason for the season! I mean, the only reason we can celebrate at this time is because God’s son came to the earth to save our souls and restore us back to our maker – God.


There is so much more to this merry season though. I came across some facts about Christmas, some you would even wonder their authenticity – but research doesn’t lie.


  • For the first 300 years of Christianity, the church did not have a feast day set aside to celebrate Jesus’s birth. It wasn’t until 336 A.D. that December 25 first showed up in records as a holiday commemorating its founder’s birthday, listed in a Roman almanac on Christian bishops and martyrs. So, the first recorded Christmas celebration wasn’t until 336 A.D. Related image
  • As against popular beliefs that writing ‘Xmas‘ is demeaning to the authority of Jesus Christ, study shows that it is actually theologically sound. Theologically speaking, the Greek letter X, or Chi, is the first letter of “Christ” and served as a stand-in for Jesus’s name dating back to at least 1100. In 1551, Christmas was known as “Xtemmas,” and eventually it was shortened to “Xmas.” Image result for xmas


  • Because of its roots in pagan festivals, Christmas was not immediately accepted by the religious. In fact, from 1659 to 1681, it was illegal to celebrate Christmas in Boston. You were fined if you were caught celebrating.


  • Though Santa Claus has worn blue and white and green in the past, his traditional red suit came from a 1930s ad by Coca Cola. Image result for santa
  • “Silent Night” is the most recorded Christmas song in history, with over 733 different versions copyrighted since 1978. Legend has it that “Silent Night” was written by a Father Joseph Mohr in Austria, who was determined to have music at his Christmas service after his organ broke. In reality, a priest wrote it while stationed at a pilgrim church in Austria.


  • The original lyrics to “Hark! The Herald Angel Sings” were “Hark! How the Welkin rings!” Welkin is an old, English term for Heaven. A preacher later tweaked the lyric.


  • The staging of the first nativity scene was in 1223. According to a biography of the saint written in 1263, St. Francis set up a manger complete with hay and two live animals in a cave in the Italian village of Grecio. He then invited villagers to visit the installation as he preached about “the babe of Bethlehem.” Nativity scenes, or crèches, eventually spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world and can be found in many churches and homes around Christmastime.

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Now that you know all these facts, we bet you can go ahead bragging about it! HAHA!

Merry (Not Yet) Christmas FAM!!! We Love You!!!

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