Ada, Sinach, Frank Edwards Inspire Cameroonian Gospel Artistes To Be More

Marih Claire Agbor is a fast-rising gospel singer who recently relocated to Nigeria from Cameroon after realizing her mum is a Nigerian has said Ada, Sinach, Frank Edwards, Eben transformed gospel Cameroonian gospel industry.

In a recent interview with Tribune, Marih revealed Cameroonian artistes could not stand the power of Nigerian gospel music in Cameroon at a certain time.

The challenge to become better however pushed the to study the industry of Gospel Music in Nigeria.

She said, “While in Cameroon, I think popular gospel ministers like Sinach, Ada, Frank Edward, Eben, Steve Crown blessed us so much with their songs. A time came when Cameroonian artistes could not stand the power of Nigerian gospel music in Cameroon. It came to a point when churches sang only Nigerian music during service. Our own music was almost losing its stand in Cameroon. We now realised that there was something about Nigerian music that we had to learn. We began to desire to know what they know and why they have the impact they are having. That was what helped some of us to become outstanding in the Cameroonian market. Today, some of us who started studying the secret behind Nigerian gospel musicians are thirty times better than those who didn’t.”

According to Marih, Cameroonians were only motivated to entertain their audience, something that was far different from what they saw Nigerian gospel artistes do.

While they were inclined to entertaining, ministration was the other of the day for Nigerians. She said the gospel message was very clear.

“We discovered that when Nigerian musicians sing, they do not seek to entertain their audience, rather they sing to minister to life. I realised that Cameroonian artistes sing to entertain people. But what we saw in Nigerian gospel musicians is ministration. When you hear a Nigerian gospel musician, you can easily picture a pastor passing a message,” she added.

Her trip to Nigeria has paid off as she has now released two singles, ‘Triumphant Child’ and ‘Bigger than the Biggest’.

She said, “It hasn’t been easy, but I was able to come out with a powerful song. And I said to myself that if I can do a video of one of these songs, then it will definitely go far.”

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