Amazon To Set Up Shop At Steven Furtick’s Million Dollar Mansion

Technology giant, Amazon has announced that it has selected the home of Pastor Steven Furtick as its new base of operations and U.S. headquarters.

The deal is said to include a $350 million payout for the North Carolina pastor, who will allow Amazon to set up shop in his modest 16,000 square foot mansion, according to The Babylon Bee Media.

“We looked at a lot of great options all over the country, but ultimately, when it comes to luxury, comfort, and sheer space, Furtick’s place just couldn’t be beat,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told reporters.

“This place was custom-built with five bedrooms, 7-1/2 bathrooms, private balconies, gymnasium, you name it.”

“You just can’t beat the price for what you get at Furtick’s place,” Bezos added.

At time of publishing, sources had confirmed Pastor Furtick would retain heated pool and racquetball court privileges as part of the multi-million dollar deal.

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