Being A Christian Does Not Make Finding A Career Path Harder, Do It Right Now


I don’t know what to do with my life

I don’t know where to turn to or which job would satisfy my hungry self

I sometimes don’t seem to have the passion to do anything

I like to help people and serve but I hardly can locate what I want to do for myself.

Have these questions been on your mind lately? Have you tossed left and right all night searching for answers google cannot supply? Or maybe you have even spoken to different life/career coaches at the time but you’re yet to find your niche. Just calm down. It’s finally good to have you here.

So, you see, everybody talks about, passion and purpose and we all seem to have an understanding of the duo within our created contexts and boundaries. By boundaries, I mean, the level of your knowledge on passion and purpose is highly hinged on how much you have found out. In other words, you read little, you’re influenced as well as limited by that little. You read much, your prospective influence will be much but also limited by how much knowledge you have. What you know then becomes a passport to your level of exposure.

First thing I would like you to realize is that God has a purpose for everyone. Your purpose is the very reason you have been created. This reason  is etched in your knowledge and passing experiences through life. If you would carefully journey with me as I write, you’ll see that you are as important as the next person seated close to you.

No matter what anyone becomes in life, they started from somewhere. We all have a point zero where we can hardly navigate through to see the bigger picture for our lives. Some who have dreams and aspirations from point zero are not left out in the process of their blossoming life. Now, what is this process I’m reiterating? It is what happens between the time when you know nothing and the time you have what you need from life. The processes of searching, learning, failing and rising.

How do you successfully choose a career? You must SEARCH. To get a thorough answer out of life, you would spend most of your time searching internally and externally. First find out what comes easily for you. Trace the dots that connect to the things you are naturally passionate about. Things you can almost do for free and can also be of value to people. Do a SWOT analysis of yourself. I mean your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities you see in yourself as well as possible Threats.

Very importantly, don’t be quick to believe the nudges that make you feel you are too spiritual when you ask God. Searching your spirit is the best thing that can happen to a man in search of a path in life. This is because beyond what you would find out personally, the Spirit of God is able to reveal to you more of who you are and have been created to be. It is the Spirit of God that would inspire you and begin to move you in the direction of destiny. Your career is the path you’ll walk in getting to God’s destination fashioned for you.

We never really stop searching because we grow from one level of glory to another as well as strength and interests. Please know that you might end up engaging in different things. However, not all these things will satisfy you at the same time. What happens is, when you become satisfied with a discovered strength, the point at which you no longer feel challenged is a call to a higher path. Answer it! Everyone who must live a successful career path must be ready to shed the comfort skin and forge ahead to something even greater.

The secret here is your ability to engage in hardwork through every opportunity that comes your way. In some cases however, you may have to create an opportunity, this may be because you are the pioneer of a path that has never been launched.

As long as you search, you will find. However, don’t just stay there, search to learn.

What sustains you on the career path is your willingness to learn. No one who knows it all, attains great heights or even remains relevant in whatever field of endeavor they are in.

Be a voracious reader and a spirit-led servant.

See, one of the secrets of finding and doing career is in reading and serving. Reading gives you a theoretical insight into what you may or may not enjoy doing while serving opens you up to the real deal. In serving, you begin to know for yourself if you have the right character and the right application to things. You learn how to be resilient and build discipline. True service has a bonus. It opens up doors to your career unknowingly to you. You ask me how? Your leader would give you tasks that may seem hard and in the process of getting at it, you learn the tactics of delivering well. If not for anything, loyalty will make you work hard through service. By serving diligently, opportunities begin to beckon on you and because you must have built confidence over time, you would go head on to face whatever life brings your way.

The process of learning varies from person to person though. For some they may have to serve doing nothing of their own, while others may have something doing but still choose to be of service to leaders and mentors. At whatever stage you find yourself, make sure you are growing. Don’t just serve because it’s a process, do it with love. Service is one of the many seeds that have to die in the ground before it begins to sprout or bud. Be diligent with it and be open to learning. Everytime! Ask questions where needed. Make sure the answers you keep to heart are the ones based on truth.

Don’t just decide to serve anyone. Be discerning about it. Watch to see that over time their lives have yielded postivity in the areas you require and Pray to get God’s guidance!

Learning does not determine your success or failure in career, it prepares you for what is to come. If you would learn well, you would live well.

Discerning your career is pertinent for the fulfilment of your destiny. You cannot afford to waste your time, and life by doing just what you feel like doing. You must hone your gifts with discipline, such that even when the time comes for you to move from one stage to the other, you would in the end become a master at what you do. Nothing satisfies God more than you being king in the place He has called you into. Master your art!

I remember when I started out. I hardly knew what I wanted to become in life. I kind of had a relaxed life. A life that was not jolted by goals, passions and aspirations. In fact, I operated on impulse rather than by decisions. I did not have anyone demanding money from me so I did not feel I needed to have a sense of responsilbility for myself. My bills were paid and needs met. However, I did not understand that everyone including myself has a life of impact and relevance to live. I was yet to understand, that it was not about me not being sort of responsible to people’s needs,  it was about a growth process I seriously needed to encounter.

I received a high dose of mental wash when one of my mentors told me that although God has a specific plan for every man’s life, it is at the discretion of man to determine how long it would take him to live out God’s purpose.  Those words were a navigation point for me.

I began to volunteer at different times for various organizations. I became the Teens leader around that time in church also. I seized the opportunity to be close to my Teens pastor. He gave me books to read while I asked him questions when I needed to be clear on things. It was action time for me. After that time I have had series of nuggets to jolt me at the times I needed them the most. Looking in from the outside now I realise all I needed -and we all do need – is a little push.

Dear sleeping giant, there is greatness in you. So much greatness encompassed with global solutions if only you would arise and take on your work. If only you would start with what you have. Start with the little idea. Do something worthy.

It is time to Arise! Work! Develop yourself! Enjoy your process! Deliver the world! Finish strong!

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