Beware Of Modern Age Feminism, Toju Oluwatoyinbo Warns Women

Preacher and Author’s wife, Toju Oluwatoyinbo has urged women to be careful of the woman emancipation movement that have become the rave of the world in recent times – feminism.

She has said, that the feminist rave is rooted in a mixture of misconceptions, rebellion, self and is not scriptural.

The mother of two boys took to her Instagram to share her thoughts as she unveiled a set of clothings that match her position on feminism and its hidden truths.

She said,

In a world and time where women want to be at the top of everything even in their homes, there are still a crop of women who believe different because God says to. A crop of women who won’t insult men, make them feel inferior because they are not yet where they ought to be or who feel because they have an education and a loud jingle in their pockets, their husbands should relinquish his position as head and differ to them.

Over the last three weeks, I shared as extensively as time permitted on the importance of respecting men and submitting to our husbands. I believe it was quite eye opening.

1. Men are wired to thrive in an atmosphere of respect and peace. You will struggle to get a man’s heart, ears or body without these.

2. Man’s ‘first boss’ was God, that’s a ddoopppee first job. Very high status and God put him in charge of everything on the earth/in the garden. Can you imagine how he felt? ON TOP OF THE WORLD, that’s how.

3. This is the atmosphere your husband’s spirit is used to, is designed for, craves and expects you to create.

4. Whether your husband has done right or wrong, you should respect him (of course, conversations for improvement should be held, but even before that is resolved, respect him)

5. A man’s work is the most important thing to him next to God, not you 😮😮🤭🤭(in terms of intensity, not priority) His work gives him essence. He’s a chaser. Without intelligent and intentional interruptions, you might feel left out.

6. On that note, you MUST get involved in one way or the other with your husband’s work. He must feel your love, passion, help and support.

7. Beyond respecting our husbands, we should respect men in general (respect people generally speaking really). Ladies who struggle to respect men should not expecting an anointing for ease to fall upon them when they get married.

ON THAT NOTE, PLS, PLS AND PLS, BEWARE OF MODERN AGE FEMINISM, it is rooted in a mixture of misconceptions, rebellion, self and is not scriptural.


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