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Bible Translators To Produce Bible For People With Special Needs

A sign language Bible translation is hitting the market soon, as Wycliffe Bible translators have started working on reaching the deaf community.

The director of advocacy for Deaf Bible Society, Chantel Pagan, explained that, although deaf people can read the Bible, the sign language translated one would communicate to them more, on a deeper level.

“It’s how they communicate best,” said Pagan. “It’s how they understand best, and I think that the Lord wants to communicate with us best. He wants us to understand him, and he wants that for the deaf community as well.”

“So why not give them Scripture in their heart language?” she continued. “Why not translate the Scriptures in a format that they can understand and offer video to content that they can have on technological devices?”

Although many churches have an individual signing the Scripture reading and message, there is often words and concepts lost in these imperfect translations.

Wycliffe hopes to create a standardardized, all-encompassing sign language translation bible to serve deaf people.

“Even with the Bible, we’re still the last people to know,” Stuart Thiessen, a consultant for Wycliffe, told CBN through sign language, “I’m very excited that we have the ability for deaf people to get this, what they need, now that we’re making all these translations happening.”
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