Dear Spirikoko, ‘The Talent You Have Is For Everyone’ – Alibaba

‘Can a Christian who is a Music Producer or an Artist do other types of music!!?’ Ace Music Producer, Wilson Joel asked on his Instagram page, and here is what renowned Comedian Alibaba had to say about it:

My take… the talent you have is for everyone. The talent a tailor has is for making clothes. Do Christian fashion designers make clothes for only Christians? The universities founded by churches, do they admit only born again? When a Christian starts to sell cars do they sell only to faithfuls. So if you open a music studio, you will say only gospel artistes can record There? Oh yes you can. But is it how it should be? You can sing, you can sing. You do gospel songs is a department of your talent. As long as you don’t do songs with faith questioning lyrics, ride on.

“I believe the children are our future…” didn’t need to be written by a Christian. But could have. Use your talent everywhere. Apply it as required by your client. As long as it doesn’t question the core principles of your faith. When a Christian is an architect, does he design gospel houses? When you are a pastor and a banker, do you stop giving loans to someone who wants to build a hotel that will later open it’s doors to alcohol seekers and short time pleasures?

Do you know if the microphone, keyboard, mixer, saxophone, drums and guitars were made and sold by atheists? You are a musician first. You decided to apply your talent to the gospel genre. That doesn’t stop you from singing a love song. It’s a human feeling. It doesn’t stop you from doing a Michael Jackson song if “Heal the World”. Or producing a jingle for toothpaste. It doesn’t have to be a gospel toothpaste.

Do you know the people who your Pastor does business with? That are not even born again. That are even thieves and corrupt to the bone? Does it stop them from doing their business. Do we the limit our outreaches to only Christ like people only? The publisher of some of the faith books you buy may be a rapist.

So please, express yourself. Your talent should connect with everyone. Don’t limit you. Who knows… You might reach out more and win more souls. That’s the gospel truth.

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