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I was a 2 Time College Dropout and 2 Time office assistant and yeah, I was one hungry looking sonuvagun. I didn’t know what my future held or if I even had one. (@imma_sh and Not So Lil’ P were in a galaxy far far away)
But I found someone who looked like the future I wanted and I was willing to pay the price to get it. .

What most folk don’t know was that when I met @feladurotoye and decided to SERVE him, I spent weeks trying to figure out what his PROBLEMS and DESIRES were and how I could meet them. I eventually did.

He offered to pay me a salary which I TURNED DOWN for 5 MONTHS (because I felt like I should’ve been paying for the privilege to serve him), which was incredibly difficult coming from Iyana Ipaja to VGC everyday and my folks thought I was insane after leaving a job where @charlesotudor had graciously taken a chance on me. .

Sharing a picture from 2006, the business coach continued, “But here’s the point of my rant. Look a little closer. What am I holding? It’s a notebook. Every time I’d hear FD speak, I’d take notes to write EVERYTHING I could learn, I mean conversations or just general gist (I still do, I just record now and listen later) cause it was loaded with so much wisdom. I still have it

Many times we miss out on great learning and growth opportunities from our mentors because of our familiarity with them. If you treat your mentor like “your guy”, that’s what you’ll get. Don’t desire your Mentor’s GIFT or GLORY, desire their GRACE. But Grace isn’t poured out for the familiar (ask Gehazi), it’s given to the one who serves and has poured water on the hands of Elijah (ask Elisha).

The down payment for GRACE is SACRIFICE. Yes, some mentors can become TORMENTORS like Saul became to David, but remember that if you get the grace, Elisha, your first miracle will be Elijah’s last. Be content to help your mentor open his door and guess what’s gonna happen?

You’ll get to walk in with him.”


Steve Harris is regarded as a trusted authority in the fields of Life & Business Strategy. He’s the go to person when it comes to getting stuff done! No fluff, it’s all Ruthless Execution. Connect with him via 

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