Divine Healing and Answers to Prayer – Knowledge is Progressive and Application Unlimited

I grew up hating Drugs and my mum used to call me olofun keere (small throat) reason been that I couldn’t swallow a full tablet it had to be broken into two or more parts.

This was my motivation for seeking other means of health other than traditional medical science
So I tried severally from my teen years to avoid drugs but I was always very sickly, I frequented hospitals and had to use drugs severally. But I hated this.

In 2006 during my undergraduate days I had a stomach virus it was so intense like my intestine/bowels were going to burst forth. I tried using medicine to treat it, visited the school clinic, nothing happened. So I was fed up, was tired of popping pills and visiting the toilet and holding my stomach. I wished for Death because the pain was unbearable it was then I remembered I had been reading about divine healing. So I prayed to God and told him if he healed me, I was never gonna use drugs again.

I have been trying to practice divine healing since I got a wind of it in 2000 but I always gave up, and prior to this virus I hadn’t had a reason to use drugs that year. So I begged and promised God, that if he healed me no matter what I would not use drugs or visit the Hospital. As I was praying I clutched my stomach and slept off. When I woke up it was well into the night but I realized. I was healed. Completely. I didn’t really understand but I knew if God did it I just had to obey. The years that followed were very challenging but I experienced victory.

In between 2006 to 2018 I have not tasted tablet drugs, I receive healing via God’s power. During those times I have had to use eye drops, visited the clinic once for my ears, I had an infection in 2012 and my ears were blocked, I had an accident in 2016 and had to use first aid. It was a bike accident, I also visited an hospital and I was given drugs I never used it. I can say I haven’t treated any sickness in the Hospital. It has not been all that smooth. In between I had dyssentry and I was stooling blood for three days. Prayed and it went. This was the biggest test of my faith. I have had heart burns or chest pain. I at one time between 2007 – 2011 used to feel sharp pains in my chest region. I prayed severally and God healed me, even when I felt the symptoms come back I was never bothered. It was reading Kenneth Hagin that helped me to understand more about healing. I have had and at a point had regular sinuses. Of recent pains in my knee Joint. But through it all I have been healed divinely.

You too can experience Healing. watch out for the conclusion of this series I know it will definitely lift your faith.

2 Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.


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