Every Rapist Should Be Sanctioned Just As This Man

My heart breaks for everyone who has been abused. I pray that God will heal you and restore you.¬†This story I’m about to share happened somewhere in Ikorodu less than a month ago.
Last week Friday a parent came to my mum’s creche to pick her children. She came rather late so my mum asked her why she came so late. It was with a very heavy heart she narrated her ordeal.
The woman, Mrs Smith has a shop on the road facing the express. She’s into the catering business so the shop is designed with a glass outer door displaying the beauty of her designs.
Less than a month ago, a random guy entered the shop and requested for something. Unfortunately, it was Mrs Smith’s sales attendant that was in the shop alone, a young lady of seventeen years. The girl went into the shop, unknown to her that the man followed closely behind. He picked her up, threw her down and began to forcefully undress her. She struggled but he was too strong for her. And he raped her.
He got up and left the shop. His nail prints was visible on her neck. And she was a virgin. Mrs Smith was distraught when she heard. She went into serious prayer and fasting, after which her pastor assured her the man will return.
It was a very traumatic experience for everyone concerned.
Mrs Smith had to close her shop indefinitely. Then last week Friday while Mrs Smith and her sales attendant were in her other shop, a man walked in to make enquiries. And immediately the girl told Mrs Smith that he was the one who raped her. Mrs Smith asked if she was certain and she replied affirmatively.
Mrs Smith restrained the man, called her brothers and the human rights commission. The man was arrested and sentenced to twenty years jail time. Apparently he is married and has a child. Really unfortunate for his family but a psycho like that deserves intense punishment.
The girl is fine. She was treated medically. Mrs Smith is doing okay. Of course lives have been scared especially the girl’s but God is a healer. He brought the villain back to give the girl justice and closure. I’m sure he’ll heal her and give her peace.
I pray for everyone who has been abused that God will heal you and that the perpetrators will be severely punished. Let’s also be careful as we go about our business and other activities.
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