Everyday In The Week Is What You Make Of It, Especially Mondays!

Did you know, that the number of victims of heart attacks increases by 20% every Monday? I bet you didn’t!

It has become -and would probably never stop becoming- a fact that Monday mornings are the most terrifying days in the week. In order words, it is presumed that most people must consistently be afraid 4 times in a month for having to hit the road to get to an office they do not like or a work station they’ll rather live without.

The presumed position is however only what it has been called – a presumption. The position of every presumption is on the basis of probability, and the only way to live a life free of Monday-phobia is to leave the state of presumption into a place of certainty.

There are things about your life that are true and beautiful. This is a sure thing. A single day in the week doesn’t change that. You must wake up everyday with this in mind. Telling yourself how successful you are and would become. Believing that whatever anger you feel about days are not productive except you make a decision not to be angry. Walking down the street, getting into the car, sweet-talking yourself into life’s beauty. Those who manage through to have a fantastic day work at it. Not everyone you see has it all together, the idea is not to feign happiness, but to be happy with little inevitables like the fact that you’re alive.

I strongly am of the opinion that changing a day in the week or extending the number of days the weekend should last is part of the many things in life we have no control over. If you remember that quote, it says, give me the courage to embrace the things I cannot change. There you have it, all you need is courage.

As you step into the week, Be Strong! Remember the great things you are about. This may sincerely not be the kind of life you envisage, but know that your’e on a journey and your dreams are still valid. They will come to fruition as long as you keep the consistency in your productivity.

So, today, take on Mondays’ horn and ride on it! Everyday in the week is what you make of it!

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