Feeling Anxious Today? This Is For You

You are here because today you feel some type of way. Maybe there is really a big threat you are trying to overcome, or you simply cannot put a hinge on what exactly may be the problem. All you know is, something doesn’t just feel right.

As a christian, and a human being, there will be times when we feel anxious over different things. The feeling of anxiety doesn’t make you any lesser than those around you. Learning about this feeling and (most importantly) working against it before it grows worse is what makes you a champion in your life.

This on and off feelings are no doubt an expected part of life but we have an assurance in God on how to deal with it through 1 Peter 5:7.

Casting all your care on him; for he cares for you.(KJV)

This verse is an extracted quote from Psalm 55:22 and what it implies is not only about us not trusting God’s provisions for us, but also some kind of ‘unconscious’ belief that we may be able to manage better for ourselves.

“Casting” is not a command but the means of how we humble ourselves (5:6). We humble ourselves by casting our anxieties on God. God’s care comes when we humble ourselves and depend on His grace.
“Casting” means to throw upon and thus to deposit with. Secular Greek used “casting” for a man who carried a heavy burden and threw it upon a camel’s back. “Casting” carries the idea of throw. It means to roll upon. God wants us to roll our burdens upon Him. God wants us to have a target to which we direct our anxiety. That target is God Himself.

The revealing truth is that in the preceding verses, the Apostle made a call for humility. Showing us, that to cast our cares on God, is to be in a state of humility. To have a heart of total surrender and belief that God sees all, knows all and cares for all. Verses 5-7 says

You younger men, likewise, be subject to your elders; [then to all the church] and all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, for God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time . . .

Now right here comes the connection between this call for humility and the command to cast all your anxiety on God. The command for humility seems to cause anxiety to rise and so Peter deals with it.

The point is that casting your anxiety on God is somehow part humbling yourself. Casting your anxiety on God is crucial if you are going to humble yourself under God’s hand and clothe yourself with humility toward each other. Casting your anxiety on God is not simply a separate thing that you do after you humble yourself. It’s something you do in order to humble yourself, or in the process of humbling yourself.

There is something about humbling yourself under God’s hand and humbling yourself before other people that makes casting all your anxiety on God necessary. Or to say it another way, there is something about casting your anxiety on God that makes humbling yourself under God and before others possible.

We then see that humility is often the threat that causes anxiety. And if we are going to be humble with God and with each other, we are going to have to cast our anxiety on God.

Wondering How Pride Is The Case Through The Feelings Of Anxiety?

To be humble is to admit and apologise when you have made a mistake. It means, when you’re weak or sick or inadequate for a task, you are not too proud to ask for help. It could also be at play in the context of doing some menial jobs and spending time with ordinary people and being indifferent to accolades.

Put simply, humility is the risk of losing face. Not your identity in Christ  your face. Humility is the risk of not being noticed, not being appreciated, not being praised, and not being rewarded. And being looked down on is painful. Being unnoticed and unappreciated is painful. Losing face is painful. Being made little of is painful. And therefore humility causes anxiety. it makes us question our capabilities and personalities.

The secret of humility is being able to cast your anxiety on God. Before you can put yourself humbly under God’s mighty hand, you have to put your anxiety confidently in God’s mighty hand.

The humility in the scripture mentioned above is a peaceful, confident humility that comes because we have cast our anxiety on God therefore showing that we have confidence that he cares for us.

How about you just name all that is heavy on your heart and say these words:

Father, I thank you that you care for me. I thank you for your word that is true and consistent. Today, I lay (mention the issues) before You. I believe you have a hope and a future for me. I receive peace and rest in you over these matters and I am confident that my life is better. AMEN.

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