Honorarium Ideas For Your Guest Speaker

Thinking of what to shower your next guest speaker with but having issues coming up with some great ideas? Read up! Honorarium is simply your token of appreciation to your speaker. It could be huge or small, depending on your financial capacity. But always, it should be special.
A lot of times the size of the honorarium is measured by the capacity and popularity of the speaker. While that is common, everyone should be appreciated.
Some of the time, honorariums come in monetary form. I remember Pst. Matthew Ashimolowo preaching in a church. Afterwards the church presented him with a cheque. He opened it immediately and after a while, there were tears in his eyes. When asked why? He said the amount on the cheque was the total sum paid his father upon retiring. The church couldn’t have known that but it was a lovely gift, much appreciated.
Other times and quite popularly, honorariums come in hampers. These are usually so exciting. They are beautifully wrapped and tastefully packaged.
One time, the teens in my church invited the late Chaz B to minister during our program. Ours is a small church so I told him we would love for him to come but we won’t be able to pay him anything grand. He said he didn’t want money. He said he wanted to see lots of creativity in a hamper. And so we put a lot of stuff in this huge basket, ranging from food items to household materials. Then we wrapped it with colorful papers. Afterwards, we got another beautiful basket and filled it with different fruits. It was beautiful. After the program Chaz B sent his appreciation, telling us his wife loved it.
Your honorarium could be anything… A lovely car, a beautiful dress, a land, a properly furnished home, jewelry…
Another time when we went to Chaz B’s home, we got him a beautiful frame of his family. They loved it.
Ultimately, your honorarium should show your appreciation and it should be creatively packaged.
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