How To Share Your Faith Without Forcing It On Anyone

Sharing what we believe can be a little difficult when we are trying so hard not to ‘hold on to the egg too tight so it doesn’t break’, however, it is something we must do as we reveal the love in our hearts.

First, we must know our Faith. When we know our faith it would be easy to share it.

You must understand first that God convicts through the person of the Holy Spirit,
The word we share is a seed. Our actions also and our conduct.

We must allow the seed grow, we can nurture the seed of the word through prayer and discipleship.

When sharing our faith with someone who we are passionate about but rejects it, we must first see if the person can stand us( Some people like you but they don’t want you preaching at them ) so what you do is you stick around, befriend them, pray for them secretly and share your faith by your conduct. Most times those who reject us are watching us, they want to be convinced.

As a master soulwinner
I have learnt to be patient, and act when the person is most vulnerable. For example I once did a business with someone who was to full of himself I tried sharing my faith but he discarded it. I stayed around him looking for a window of opportunity. When he had a financial crisis I swung in, preached to him, we prayed together a couple of times, he even requested for prayers. I showed him integrity, loyalty and commitment.

If the person cant stand you. Just pray for the person and trust God that he will send another labourer to them.

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