Journalists Expose Priest With Mystery Woman

Journalists in the United States have exposed a Roman Catholic priest, Alberto Cutié, kissing a mystery woman on a beach.

Alberto Cutié was a beloved Roman Catholic priest, a best-selling author, and a TV/radio host. But one day, everything came crashing down.

Alberto was caught by paparazzi going against what he stood for as a Roman Catholic priest.

He was photographed kissing and touching a mystery woman on the beach and once the pictures were published, he found himself in the middle of an international scandal.

In the video below from 2014, Alberto reflects on his shocking past — 5 years after his life changed completely.

He explains, “Right after the story broke and I was on Oprah, it was a real time of change and transition for me.”

He continues, “As I look back, I wish I would’ve said it sooner. I wish I would’ve come out and done everything that I was really planning. I think many people, friends and family, were affected because of the way it happened. But when paparazzi took those pictures and they said it, they kind of said the story for me.”

In 2009, the priest admitted he had fallen in love with that mystery woman, Ruhama Buni Canellis — whom he married barely two months after the scandal broke. He left his position in the church and became an ordained Episcopal priest so he could keep both his faith and the love of his life.

The couple has since had two kids together and formed a family of five with Ruhama’s son, Christian.

Alberto’s public struggle caused countless priests in the same position to ask for help and advice.

In the video, the priest says, “My situation has helped someone else. It just fills my heart with joy,” adding, “If you have something good that’s in your heart that you’ve got to say, just say it and move on — because there’s such a great, great power in learning to move on.”

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