Kenyan Pastor Highlights Ways Men Cheat On Their Wives, Are You Guilty?

One of the many questions that effortlessly fly around have been why men cheat. In fact, several responses have suggested cheating to be one of the attitudes men have little or no control over.

In a bid to denounce such rule of thumb, Reverend Kathy Kiuna of the Jubilee Christian Church, Kenya has listed scenarios in which married men find themselves cheating on their wives.

Through a sermon titled ‘How to cheat on your wife’, the female minister revealed how men refuse to turn their backs on likely situations that could make them unfaithful.


Taking to social media on Friday, September 29, Jubilee Christian Church’s Reverend Kathy Kiuna highlighted some of the ways married men end up cheating on their wives under the title “How To Cheat On Your Wife”

She said:

  1. Refuse to maintain mental purity. According to Kiuna, infidelity begins in the mind and if one refuses to guard their mind, it won’t be long before one’s purity is corrupted and their passion gets out of control. People cheat because they refuse to guard their hearts and minds.
  2. Refuse to shed off friendship with people who glorify infidelity and equate it to manhood. If your best “man” friends are people who think its ok to sleep around with women, flirt with girls and view women as objects to be conquered, it won’t be long before their deceptive words become an acceptable value system and cause you to slip into sin.
  3. Refuse to set up accountability systems and trusting yourself too much. No one maintains fidelity by accident. You must make the decision for fidelity in advance and set up a system of accountability in advance. There will always be a woman who will be bold enough to try you, test you and tempt you.
  4. Insist on mentoring and counseling a member of the opposite gender even when an obvious emotional pull is developing within you. Mentoring a member of the opposite gender individually is a recipe for disaster. If you must mentor a lady, let it be in a group setting.
  5. Refuse to be busy with purpose. Idleness makes you weak. As a man, when you are focused and busy with purpose, it will be easier to steer away from tempting situations.
  6. Refuse to plan in advance for purity. No one walks in purity by accident. You must plan for it, focus on it, trust God for grace to walk in it and develop the self-control for it. Don’t wait for sin to come before you start planning how to get out of it.
  7. Refuse to know your core weaknesses. Every man has something that sets ablaze passionate emotions that can drive them to sin. Knowing your weakness helps you know where you need to trust God for strength. Know the environments that are friendly to your flesh and unfriendly to your purity and steer away from them.

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