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When you think of a mechanic, you think of ‘fixing’
This is why I think ‘mechanic spouses are great spouses! They accept the imperfection that comes with being human and work assiduously to keep the marriage in the right shape!

The greatest wisdom of the mechanic is ‘routine service’
Nothing has to have gone wrong for you to maintain what you have! You check the oil levels and the efficiency of each part of the car just to avoid the possibility of inefficiency.

1. Great spouses are proactive. They are often deeply engrossed in keeping the marriage serviced. They look deep into the union and take steps ever so often that ensures the smooth running. They don’t start acting nice just like ‘panic button. They try to supply vitality before the issue ever arises or to avoid any issue even arising!

2. Great spouses need the emotion of the mechanic when something is wrong with a car. The main focus of a mechanic is not to complain about what is wrong in a car. He seeks out the issue, more like patiently diagnosing what is wrong. His emotions are maturely trained not to react to the issue but to find out why and fix it.

3. When you have the calmness to objectively unearth the problem, blaming will not be your focus, fixing will be uppermost in your mind. This is what the mechanic does. If he blames and doesn’t fix, he betrays the core of his job.

4. Mechanics learn from the error they find and try to correct it in such a way that the same error doesn’t plague the car; this is how great spouses should be: what do we do to make sure an error is fixed and never reoccurs?

5. Mechanics are as ready and able as the tools they have. They don’t rush to the market for tools only when there is crisis, they live prepared. Great spouses arm themselves with great character and capacity so that in the days of trial, they would be equipped to deal.

6. Mechanics don’t mind getting dirty as long as the job is done! They have some of the greatest selfless emotion on the job. They get under the car and around it, get soiled and stained but the focus is never them but the car. So they don’t mind; if the car is fixed, he is happy even in his grease!

Culled From Relationship And marriage by Ocholi Okutepa. Ocholi Okutepa is the Host ‘Singles & Married Hangout’ . You can request for counselling via shuzia.com/Ocholi-Okutepa

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