Life Lessons From The Olive Tree

The Hebrew word for Olive tree is es shemen meaning tree of oil. It is from a primitive word “to shine”. It is also related to the word shemesh -” to be brilliant”, as well as the  Hebrew word for the “sun”.

The olive tree is known to grow in any condition -rocky, fertile soils, terrace hills or valleys. They thrive in great heat with minimum water and are virtually indestructible. The olive producers waits for about 15 years to get a good harvest.
The oriental people regard it as a symbol of strength, beauty, divine blessing and prosperity.

It is used for anointing during religious ceremonies. Exo 30:24 -29. In the spirit realm, olive oil symbolizes the anointing of the Holy Spirit, both of Christ and His people. Even the beating or crushing of the olive fruit to produce the oil has spiritual meaning, for Christ Himself was crushed on the Cross so that the Holy Spirit would be poured out on His Church after His ascension back to His Father in heaven.

It’s used to keep the light of the lamp. Exo 27:20, Lev24:2

The tree is also associated with royalty and rulership, emblem of sovereignty to anoint kings (1 Kings1:39, 1 Sam10:1, 2 kings 9:1-6, Exo 30: 30-32)

The olive tree was first mentioned in the bible in Gen 8:11, Noah sent a dove to heck if the watershed receded and it came back with an olive leaf, signifying peace. the dove returning to Noah with an olive leaf in its beak signified new life on earth. We could say that she was bringing life to Noah and his family and all the animals on the ark. As the deliverer of this sign of life, the dove herself signified the Holy Spirit that gives life. This is confirmed by Jesus’ own words.

It has always served as a universal symbol of peace, a regular good of exportation during Solomon’s era, and used the wood in carving the Cherubim on the ark. ( 1 Kings 23).

It is also used in the healing of lepers, and the rites symbolizes the return of favor honour, joy and restoration. Lev 14:10

It is used for anointing the head and body after a bath. Ruth 3:3, Deut 33:24.

So let’s see the life lessons we can gain from an olive tree:
Faithfulness: The olive tree is known to still bear fruits no matter the conditions. Even after its cut down or burned, new shoots emerge.

As Christians, we are expected to continually bear fruits in all circumstances- in times of want or plenty (Phill 4:12), always praying (1 Thess 5:17), always thankful(Eph 5:20). These attributes shows out faithfulness and steadfastness to God. Psm 52:8, Col 2:7

The olive leaf is what the dove brought to Noah after the rain. This showed that the olive tree was preserved during the rain .

As Christians, we should still be standing, faithful to God even after the floods of trials.

Beyond the Physical: Their physique isn’t impressive, like giant oaks or majestic redwoods. Their giarly twisted trunks with short squawky stature seem ordinary and even ugly at first, yet they have been preserved . Why? Because of their usefulness. This is where the saying “never judge a book by its cover” comes in. 1 Peter 3:3.

Do not despise anyone by their outlook because you can’t n tell a person’s value just by the appearance. Our God judges us with the content of pour heart, so let’s learn to take time and know what each and every one of us has on the inside. There are blessings on the inside, if only you are patient enough. John the Baptist, Elijah, even our Lord Jesus Christ were not handsome on the outside, but they carried power. Isaiah 53:2

Ever Useful: They are known to live for 1000-2000 years and still bear fruits. As Christians, age isn’t a barrier to being useful to God. Psm 92:14. As long as you have breadth, God expects fruits from you. A little prayer can go a long way.

Have you ever wondered why the Mount of Olives was Jesus Christ regular place of visitation to spend time, Luke 22:39? They had the same form, not interesting to look at, but you can’t do without them.

Their importance to our lives is indispensable. And that’s why we also should be like the Olive tree, faithful in all circumstances, too important to be disregarded and ever bearing fruit as long as we live. Jer11:16.
My prayer for us is that we will be as useful as the olive tree, ever bearing fruit no matter what comes our way and also be a beautiful habitation for Jesus.

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