Nick Vujicic Gets Twin Daughters As Early Christmas Gift

Some early Christmas gift arrived at Nick Vujicic’s, as he announced his wife had given birth to twin girls.

The Evangelist shared the good news on his Facebook page, saying; “Thank you all for your love and prayers! Babies Olivia and Ellie were born on Mommy’s Birthday, 5 pounds 2 ounces and 5 pounds 14 ounces. Mommy is well and so are the girls. Thank You God!”

He later shared a photo of the identical baby girls and revealed that both “mommy and girls doing wonderful.”

Earlier in the week, Vujcicic posted another update, with a photo of himself and his wife, Kanae.

“Olivia and Ellie Vujicic, God willing will be born on Wednesday morning. Mommy did so great with the pregnancy! Thank God they seem to be healthy! Thank you for your prayers now and during Kanae’s recovery,” he wrote.

Over 60,000 Facebook followers have liked his post and many more still making comments.

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