Pastor Goes Romantic, Proposes At The Cinema

Who says only normal guys know how to make his woman feel high? This Nigerian Pastor is definitely on a spiritual high as he revealed his romantic side after sharing photos of the surprise proposal he planned out at the cinema.

You bet his darling girlfriend was excited to her bones, saying yes to his marriage proposal. I mean, who won’t fall for that stunt.

Although some think cinema proposals might be oldskool, Pastor Kaycee put a special touch to his for his new bride.

According to reports, they had planned to go watch a movie and were dressed casually for it, except Kaycee had brilliantly hid the ring to forestall any suspicions from his girlfriend.

Just after the movie session, friends gathered and the screen started displaying photos of the bride who was shocked to her marrow to see the special length her husband-to-be went to ask for her hand.

The screen boldly read “PST KAYCEE LOVES YOU” right before the question “WILL YOU MARRY ME” followed.

It didn’t take long before the pastor got on one knee and pulled out the ring he had been hiding out of sight all evening.

The surprised bride burst into tears of joy before she screamed yes and hugged her husband-to-be tightly.

Congratulations to Pastor Kaycee and His Bride as they embark on this blissful journey.

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