Robert Morris’ Wife Thanks Social Media as Her Husband Recovers From Illness

As Senior Pastor and Founder of Gateway Church, Robert Morris, continues to respond to treatment ,his wife has expressed her gratitude to as many who offered words of prayers, saying their prayers mattered .

Debbie Morris said her husband was at “Heaven’s door” before miraculously pulling through a serious illness — proving that God hears the prayers of His people.

In an Instagram post, Debbie Morris had revealed that her husband is already recovering after suffering from internal bleeding on Monday, but says he still “has a great deal of pain/discomfort.”

“Pain levels decrease, no infection, restful sleep,” according to her listed prayer points.

The Church staff reported that Robert Morris, 56, began experiencing pressure in his abdomen Sunday night, just a week after undergoing a scheduled surgery to repair a double hernia. The senior pastor was subsequently airlifted to the hospital where doctors discovered internal bleeding, forcing them to perform an emergency surgery.

They told Debbie that her husband was dehydrated and gave him fluids and left, but Morris passed out again.

The second group of paramedics arrived at their home, followed by a veteran helicopter pilot who was experienced in air ambulances for 13 years.

The Church staff said that man saved Pastor Morris’ life.

During this time, Gateway Church members hosted a 24/7 social media prayer campaign. About 290,000 people in 45 countries united to pray for the pastor — and those prayers were answered, his wife said.

“The minute he saw him, he said, ‘You need an air ambulance right now,'” Evans recounted. “It was because of his experience that they knew that.”

“On the flight in, they lost his pulse, his blood pressure, he was just in horrible shape,” he continued. “We look at that as just being a huge God deal with that, if that guy hadn’t been there and they hadn’t immediately called an air ambulance, he probably would have died.”

Debbie wrote that while they waited on the helicopter they did the only thing they knew to do – pray.

“Robert, realizing he was in serious trouble, asked me to post on social media because he believes in the power of prayer,” she wrote.

“The paramedics had just told us they could not find a pulse and his blood pressure was too low to read…We knew he was steps from heaven’s door. Neither of us knew what to expect from social media,” Debbie continued.

“God mobilized an army using social media. We knew our battle was bigger than we could fight on our own.”


“While heaven seems much farther away, and the crisis has been de-elevated we still need your prayers. We have some real hurdles to overcome,” Debbie added in her post.

“Tears of gratefulness stream down my face as write. Thank you for storming the throne. I can’t say ‘thank you’ strong enough,” Debbie continued. “Your prayers mattered.”

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