SA Based Malawian Prophet Arrested In America For Drug Trafficking

South Africa based Malawian prophet of Enlightened Christian Gathering, Shepherd Bushiri, was on Friday morning arrested at the John F. Kennedy Airport on account of alleged drug trafficking.

Although Bushiri, has been released on a $100,000 bail, the pastor would be assisting the New York police in investigating a 10Kg cocaine found on the baggage carousel, Fox reports.

The street market value of the cocaine is said to be $1.5 million and does not bear the pastor’s fingerprints but immediate forensic tests have proved his connection.

The Prophet who arrived from Johannesburg, South Africa on Delta Airlines has been identified as suspect because although the bag bears no tag, it was checked-in from Johannesburg and is identical to a similar bag he was carrying.

Prophet Bushiri has been the center of attacks from other ministries and also some governments, the Botswanan government especially.

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