Shake Us Up! Wake Us Up! Archbishop Tutu Tells God

The world renowned Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on Sunday called for a divine power to help South Africa find its way back towards a common humanity.

“Shake us up and wake us up to remember that we are all members of one family… God’s family,” Tutu said in a message broadcast at the National Day of Prayer held at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

The crowd was told Tutu was unable to attend in person, due to his age, condition and the wet weather in the city since Saturday.

Tutu began his address by providing a list of biblical figures who fought for freedom, before he merged these into a list of activists who fought against apartheid, from across the political spectrum.

“We have not done as well as your children should have,” declared Tutu.

“A few have become very rich while a very large majority have remained in the bondage of poverty, squalor, shacks and filthy conditions…

“We have broken your heart and you are weeping over us,” said the icon.

Tutu ended with a prayer that South Africans become inspired and determined to “live as who we really are”.

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