Sleeping Over Even if You’re Not Having Sex is Wrong – Raquel Daniel

When I was single, I once dated a guy who was a devoted Christian, tongue speaking and an active worker in his Church. I was all of the above too. And as Christians, we knew that having sex before marriage is wrong. But then, we joined a trend: sleeping together in the same bed but not having sex.

Well as a person who has herself engaged in this behavior, let me say that it’s wrong. And if you’re doing it with your boyfriend/fiancé then you need to stop. Even if you’re not having sex, YOU WILL RUIN YOUR WITNESS.

Years ago, on a lovely Saturday morning, I woke up in Brother XYZ’s house and went to buy something across the street where I met a young lady who looked really sad and all beaten up. It was clear she was physically abused and my heart went to her. I spoke to her and to my surprise she opened up immediately like she was dying for someone to save her. Hungry to continue the conversation she asked if she could come see me later and I obliged and gave her the house number. She showed up later and we talked about her abusive boyfriend, right in the middle of our conversation, she asked “Are you guys married?” I innocently said “Not yet” and the question she asked next almost killed me “And you’re living together?”

You see, it compromised my witness. This was a girl the Lord was going to use me to save but I ruined it.

Sleeping over even if you’re NOT having sex is WRONG. For people who are unsure about boundaries in their own relationships, and they look to you for direction, you will be leading them right into temptation. Even if they know you’re not having sex, they may come to think that sleeping in the same house is okay, so don’t set them up for such a fall. (I hope this didn’t happen to anyone close to me).

Raquel Daniel is an entrepreneur and educator working directly with children and young adults in marginalized communities in Nigeria. 

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    Posted at 21:43h, 28 May Reply

    Hmmm…tainted testimonies, something like too controversial to be believed

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