Stop Trying To Be A Better Christian, PSA from Tito Idakula

Tito idakula took to her page to share how she cringes when she hears people say ‘I’m trying to be a better Christian.’

According to her, people who say this most times do so in a religious sense. They don’t mean to be more like Christ, rather, they want to engage in more ‘christian-like’ activities.

She wrote on her page:

The number of times I cringe when I hear this statement. I always wonder what people mean. 
Most times when people say this, they don’t mean being more “CHRISTLIKE”. They mean it in the religious sense: go to church more, pray for 5 hours daily, read the Bible, and all other religious activities that are not necessarily building a RELATIONSHIP with Christ. The Number of “better Christians” I know who have no Christlike qualities in them is scary. We aim for perfection as perfect Christians but the truth is that being a Christian is also being humble enough to know that you can’t be perfect and doing all religious rituals won’t change that. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TO GO TO CHURCH, PRAYER IS EVERYTHING, THE BIBLE IS MY LIFE (except when I forget to read and I die a little) BUT for me, there’s no point praying for 5 hours if I’m not becoming a better person or reading 10 chapters of the Bible in one hour only to forget everything. It’s not about a checklist, it’s about BUILDING A LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE RELATIONSHIP when you truly know who you are and WHOSE you are. When you don’t think God is punishing you because you didn’t go to church last week and then you start doing hide and seek with Jesus. It’s not about becoming a better Christian y’all, it’s about becoming MORE LIKE CHRIST. And by the way, accept now that no matter how hard you try, you won’t always get it right but because Christ lives in you, he has perfected all that concerns you. 
This is my PSA for today.

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