The Best Place To Thrive Is Your Comfort Zone

There is a popular ideology that has transcended the communication of many people we often look up to for advise. It has become a normal charge for every proverbial fellow who attempts the path of Solomon. We have all accepted it as the best statement to adhere to on our way to the place of destiny. Many people have made this statement in different ways or phrases but the end is still to communicate the same message. So the following is my own version of the same ideology:

“For you to be successful in life, you must be ready to operate outside of your comfort zone”

But really, is that statement correct? I totally disagree. What a lie we have believed. I think it’s just another myth that has been engaged over the years to confuse and shipwreck many godly ambitions.

I decide to check the meaning of the word ‘comfort’
WordWeb dictionary describes it as:
1. A feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment.
2. Give moral or emotional strength to.

Encarta Dictionaries describe it as
1. Relief from pain or anxiety
2. To bring somebody relief from distress or anxiety

Merriam Webster dictionary describes it as:
1. To cause someone to feel less worried, upset, frightened etc. To give comfort to someone.
2. A satisfying or enjoyable experience.

Now looking at the different definitions, how good does operating outside our comfort zones look. I bet it’s not pleasant because comfort signifies the absence of worry, pain, anxiety, pressure, fright, disappointment, poor emotions etc. So how come the world keep telling us the best way to success is quit our comfort zone? Because it’s equally saying that we accept all those negative symptoms that the absence of comfort yield.

I know there are more than enough established arguments to favour this terrible ideology but then let’s consider this questions:
Where’s the comfort zone of a bird? In the air right.

Where’s the comfort zone of a monkey? In the forest, among trees.

Where’s the comfort zone of a fish? Inside water. No matter how deep or wide the water is, even the smallest of fish will survive.

Where’s the comfort zone of a dog? On land right.

When you take this animals out of their comfort zone what happens? They begin to struggle because at that point the tendency to death is on a constant rise. Also, their influence is greatly reduced because of the environmental limitations.

Wow! So if even animals do not desire to quit their comfort zone because of the consequence, what then is the validity of this ideology?

We have been told to leave our comfort zone, go out and work twice as hard and smart to get the best possible result. But often times when we leave our very own zone, we fail to recognize that wherever we chose to operate is another person’s comfort zone as well. And if they put in the same level of effort as us, regardless of how good our result can be, we often might finish as second best.

Note that it’s even more easier and possible for them to put in more effort than us because it is out of pleasure they do it. It will take much effort and mastery for a man to jump trees the way a monkey would; same way for a man to swim the way a fish would. And it would take some external factors for a man to fly like a bird because it’s not even possible ordinarily.

You see, the systems of this world have conditioned life to constantly put man under pressure. But you have a responsibility to never forget that man has been predestined to take charge and act accordingly, not as a victim but a Victor. The realities of life wants to make life happen to us but we need to take charge and happen to life.

Even if you leave the place of comfort according to the many explanations we have always had all because of a better life, don’t you think that for you to enjoy a stable life, you would have to go back to the place of comfort? How long do you want to live in worry, anxiety and pressure? How much can you achieve out of your comfort zone?

I think instead of leaving our comfort zone, what we ought to do is not to conform to all the norms in our comfort zone. The effort we want to go and channel in the wrong direction outside of our comfort zone can be used uniquely with our mastery and giftings to make life much more better within our comfort zone.

Looking at the meanings of conform and conjure seems exciting to me. According to some dictionaries, conform is described as “acting in accordance with the status quo” while conjure is more of “harmonising into existence as if in a magical way”.

Conjure involves earnest effort and supernatural outcomes; meaning that when you put in hardwork and smartness in your comfort zone, the grace of God works for you in supernatural way that people marvel at your extraordinary result as if it is magic. But deep within, you know that it’s hard work meeting God-given inherent endowment.

So I say to you that man has not been designed to conform but to conjure in his comfort zone, bringing out more treasures, not only for himself but for the well-being of humanity.

Find your comfort zone and invest your life in there; it’s the only place the world can get the best out of you.

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