TOLU IJOGUN: I Choose To Follow The Spirit Daily, No Pressure, Just Doing My Assignment

Worshipper, Minister, Wife and Mother, Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun in no way tries to live her life in the pattern of her late mum, Pastor ‘Bimbo Odukoya, however, she finds herself unconsciously tilting towards that direction. In this interview with MAG, Pastor Tolu shares on the person of the Holy Spirit, how she was led to Him and who she hopes the world will see her as when she is long gone.

Well-done with what you do at RTWNG. Your ministry for women has revealed much proof especially with the influx of testimonies you get. Do you however think, that men do not necessarily need to engage in as much prayers as the women folk?

Men definitely need to get involved but I am waiting on the leading of the HolySpirit as to how to involve men as well. I believe in the very near future, we will involve men.

You recently hosted an event – For This Child, putting simultaneously beside your recorded testimonies of pregnancies on RWTNG platform, what informs your passion for conception asides from the Holy Spirit?

It’s first the Holy Spirit and also my compassion for my sisters who are believing God in this area and I know that many prayers have been answered.

Your late Mum was a force to reckon with at her time, do you consciously and strategically tilt towards that line also?

Aaaaaah! I in no way try to be her but I see unconsciously I am becoming her… she set such a high bar and I believe what the bible says that the glory of the latter shall be better than the former. With this in mind I choose to follow the Spirit daily, no pressure, just doing my assignment one day at a time, one soul at a time.

What is the biggest lesson you learnt from her call to glory, looking from an elevated position today?

In one line “Only what you do for Christ will last”.

If you had to be known for one thing considering your many expressions, what would it be and why?

A woman that made the supernatural more accessible. A woman that led many to discover the Power they have as Christians.

Recently someone tagged you as a WORSHIP WARRIOR, what weapons of worship are a must-have for every worship leader today?

A true heart of reverence and adoration for the Father… an ear for the Spirit and the boldness to follow where He leads.

I have seen many children have the talent of singing, or a general art they can engage in church, to be more effective however, they need the Holy Spirit. How do we introduce the person of the Holy Spirit to children and at what age is the best time?

My mum introduced the Holy Spirit as my best friend from a very young age and she will always say if you need anything, ask the HolySpirit. So as a young child who was asked regularly to sing in church I would have stage fright and my mum will say ask the Holy Spirit to help you, and I so did! So that’s a good way to let your kids to know the HolySpirit.

You have two very cute daughters; using them as a point of contact, what are your insights for the younger generation of women in Africa?

The bible says ask and you shall receive , seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. For my babies I asked and prayed. I will see pictures of cute children and I will say “God this is how I want my children to look like” and He honoured me.

Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun is the first daughter of the late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, who was renowned for her influence on young and married people through her popular Single And Married programme, until she was killed in a plane crash on December 10, 2005. Her love and passion for women led her to create an NGO and women online fellowship, Real Talk Women Initiative (RTWNG). You can join Pastor Tolu for RTWNG meetings on Wednesdays at 10PM (CAT) on Instagram.

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