US Vice President, Mike Pence Admits To Marital Fidelity Addiction

In a world where marital infidelity and spousal rejections have become the order of the day, America’s Vice President Mike Pence has admitted to a decades-long addiction to remaining faithful to his wife, Karen.

Pence, had in March, heavily criticized by the media when he attested to never having private lunches with women asides from his wife.

He had tearfully admitted to reporters his habit of marital fidelity began back in 1985, when he and Karen were married. Pence disclosed his addiction has caused him to meet with his wife for lunches and dinners at numerous locations throughout the city, and his faithfulness binges would sometimes lead to serial private getaways with Mrs. Pence to secret, exotic locations.

“I just can’t hide anymore,” Pence told Fox News in a tell-all exclusive interview.

In a stunning development, Karen Pence joined her husband by his side and confirmed the allegations, stating she had known about and even covered up for her husband’s discretions throughout the years.

At publishing time, the Vice President had checked into a marital fidelity addiction rehab center to undergo a six-month treatment and rehabilitation plan, sources at the White House confirmed.

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