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Love, I heard, is God. Every good and perfect thing emanates from the Almighty, for He is love. The ‘Eros’, the ‘Phileo’ and the ‘Agape’ kind of love have their source in Him, for God Himself is love. Remember for this cause, without any reason, God gave His only precious son, all for love. How then shall we love without God? How then can we expunge His principles and still profess love? I dare to say that Love never happens without God.

Phileo is the mutual brethren love while Agape is divine. Allow me dwell for a second in the world of Eros, the kind of love God incites between two opposite sex. Yes, two opposite sex, a male and a female, for there’s never a thing called ‘same sex relationship’ in God’s Kingdom, that is not love but rebellion.

What occurs when true Eros happens? May I say that genuine Eros is never alone; it is accompanied by both Phileo and Agape. So when love happens, an encompassing lifestyle is established. A commitment is made consciously for sacrificial living, for no true lover denies himself the privilege of living for another.

To receive love is never a right but a privilege. Conditions form the basis of a right but true love, they say, is unconditional. From Genesis to Revelation God loves men for no condition. So, when love happens, it is a decision without a condition.

When love happens, purpose is given a voice and a genuine vision is birthed, for the Author of love Himself is always purposeful. One will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand. With God 2+2 is never 4, rather it is what God equals the equation. So, when love happens, a powerful multiplying equation takes place.

Love stories are written in heaven first. A blessed fellow comes by genuine love, the kind of love that fulfills destiny. A mortal being in the eyes of a lover is a perfect person regardless of any eluding weakness. When love happens, it’s like the fulfilment of a prophecy long foretold. Two birds engrossed in the world of another. Love is indeed a beautiful thing!

When love happens truth finds her home. Deceit and hypocrisy finally lose the battle for relevance, for true love never lies, rather it establishes genuine intentions to become one; vision and purpose are united.

Until friendship becomes courtship and courtship becomes marriage, the intimacy of sex is never awakened.
The resplendence of her beauty or curves won’t cause him to misbehave and his hypnotising handsomeness tempts her not into untimely sexcapade. The belligerence of the Spirit man in them tempestuously guides their testimony. Love never forgets the weapon of self control. Love understands that impulse is never a licence to fornication. When love happens, the sacredness of the marital bed is kept undefiled.

When love happens, games are never played. One gentleman is an avid lover of one virtuous sister, a true daughter of the Vineyard. Their love is mutually beneficial and it’s worth modelling. The erroneous spirit of covetousness in relationships is never allowed access. Lovers in Zion are genuine and sincere to one another; none is under pressure to satisfy another. When love happens, righteous foundation is established submissively to give a glorious ignition to a romantic and fulfilling lifetime.

When love happens, a matured man finds a good wife (the Proverbs 31 kind of virtuous lady) and he obtains favour from the Lord. The grace for procreation in all dimension is released. Love in the Kingdom is indeed a beautiful thing.

When love happens, not only the earth celebrates but Heaven rejoices too because the eccentricity of two folks has just allowed divine orchestration. When love happens a merger takes place, not an acquisition. No form of egocentrism, no one tries to take over or take control of another rather the meeting of two matured minds. Two walking together because they have agreed. So when love happens, a consensus is reached.

True love never forgets the place of God in the relationship. His presence is an ultimate Source that builds with wisdom, establishes with understanding and prosper always by knowledge. When love happens, a place in eternal life is made.

When love happens, God happens.

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