Winners Chapel Constructs Olympic Standard Ultra-Modern Stadium

The management of Covenant University, (CU) in a bid to make the University one of the top ten universities in the world-vision 1 of 10 in 10, begun constructing an Olympic standard ultra-modern 10,000 capacity stadium within its premises. Such Strategy!

The CU Sports Complex had looked very different from the ever developing University since inception as the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo felt there were other top priorities.

However the university has a program in which three major structures and facilities are constructed every year and this year, the Sports Complex is the feature.

The Chancellor, an avid lover of lawn tennis himself has been shown the need for an excellent sports facility of the vision of the university must be attained.

The stadium will have facilities for both indoor and outdoor games as well as for track and field events such as Soccer, basketball, lawn tennis, badminton, volleyball, squash, lawn tennis apart from tartan tracks.

Already 6,350 seats have been put in place with plans to make it 10,000. The project is said to cost one billion Naira (N1 billion).

CU is not left alone, her sister University, Landmark is receiving the same attention thereby making an additional cost of N2 billion.

Landmark University has remained a largely scholarship awarding university as Bishop Oyedepo seeks to encourage African youth to engage actively and profitably in agricultural endeavors.

Students from over 8 countries resumed with various scholarships from inception in 2011 and the trend has continued till date.

Covenant and Landmark Universities are among the most equipped universities in Nigeria and the stadia will add one more feather to their caps.

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