Woman Survives 11 Yrs Cancer Because Her Husband Showed Her Love

Elder Tony Akinfisola has come out to say that cancer is a devastating experience that requires grace of God to survive. Going down memory lane, Tony recalled the journey of his wife’s cancer started in 2006.

During  the launch of the Breast Cancer Awareness Network Wall of Fame, by Care Organisation Public Enlightenment (COPE), Tony, while not personally a cancer survivor himself, opened up on the struggles of his wife, Dorcas, who has survived breast cancer for 11 years.

Tony, who was not ashamed to share such personal issue publicly, said “Many people have died from cancer. Men should not run away from their wives that have breast cancer. When you stand by your wife in such a situation, she is 90 per cent cured.

“I believed this in my heart and committed to it with everything that I had. There were  rough times, but COPE inspired me.”

Explaining the processes they had gone through, the elderly man said, “When we went to Lagos General Hospital on the Island 11 years ago, we started from there, we went there three to six times and there was nothing they could do because breast cancer was not rampant or known too well at that time.

“It was at a time when  people who had breast cancer  were denied by their relatives, which was why many people died from it, but I refused to run and stayed with my wife.

“We went to a private hospital where they checked my wife and gave her attention.  There was no specific treatment for cancer, until the disease started devastating my wife, it took the grace of God because she nearly lost her life, but I stood by her.”

Tony who lamented their plight said Dorcas was still on treatment and at intervals they spent over N40.000 on tests.

“She is on diet and I’m happy to spend my money to keep her alive. We have five grown up children, they are all graduates now. My wife is 60 years plus while I am over 70 years now.

Acknowledging COPE and the Lagos State government’s contributions, Tony said: “I stood my ground that my wife will not die of cancer and she will not die.”

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