You Don’t Have To Call Your Pastor, God Hears You Too – Abimbola Dare

A few years ago, my soul was completely troubled. I became that woman that would call pastors relentlessly. One day I felt so completely lost and in despair that I began to dial my pastor like a maniac. I wanted, no needed him to pray with me right there and then. I called him. And called. And called until finally, he picked up.

As I started to pour out my heart, he said he had to go-and he hung up. I was nearly hysterical. Did he not understand that I needed him to pray for me? How could he dismiss me just like that ? As I tapped his number into my phone again, furiously, a voice cut though the chaos that was my soul and said: ” Why didn’t you try me? Why don’t you trust me?” Now that made me pause. But. I was calling a pastor to pray for me ….to connect with God for me. What was I doing wrong? And then the Holy Spirit began to break it down for me. I thought my prayers would remain unanswered because I hadn’t spoken to my pastor!! I had put my pastor- a man-in the place of Jesus.

In the place of Yeshua. The lamb of God who died that I might have direct access to God. I forgot that He was with me. Right there. Patiently waiting for me to call on him. I forgot that with Him I needed no phone. No appointment. Nothing. I could come just as I was…And he would never dismiss me.

And so that day, I put my phone down and poured my heart to Jesus. I spoke to him as though he was right there in front of me, legs crossed, cup of tea in hand, listening. That day I felt his loving embrace, a warmth of His love encompass me and I knew then that God had no ranking in heaven. God is no respecter of titles. To Him…we are all his children. If no one has your time, Yeshua does.
He listens.
He cares.
Hold onto that.

Abimbola Dare is a Storyteller. She is an Author, Speaker, Editor and Writing Coach.

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